Home Skin Care

faceEveryone has unique skin care needs that change according to season, time of life, and personal goals.  The key is to finding at home skin care products that suit both your climate and age. For that you need a trained skin care professional (esthetician)

Try different systems; mix and match,but don’t settle. If you don’t see a benefit in a month, change. You should be happy with your home skin care and with the way your face looks. There is not be one magic bullet for everyone, but there are some rules of thumb. 

Cleansers come in different shapes, sizes, formulations, and strengths. Some products can strip the skin of natural oils while others don’t scratch the surface of makeup, oil, and pollution build-up. As a rule, the longer you leave a cleanser on, the more it will do. If you have sensitive skin, splash your face with water, lather, and rinse. For a concentrated clean, let the lather linger.

When you exfoliate, find a median between frequency and ferocity. Don’t over-do it. Exfoliation occurs with washcloths, toners, and scrubs. A common mistake made at home is over-scrubbing, which leads to dry, irritated and even inflamed skin. Rule of thumb – take it easy.

Masks are described as great home remedies, but they’re not for everyone,they can be drying or harsh.

Generally, I suggest exfoliating three times a week and masking twice a week in-between facials. Those with acne and sensitive skin should not be using anything abrasive and always always use mild, gentle products like surface peel masks that slough off after they have dried on the skin.

Excerpted from an article originally published in Body Sense magazine, Spring/Summer 2004.
Copyright 2004. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved.