Tamara Boswell Petrucci is a state-licensed esthetician owner of Tamara’s Skin Care in Yorba Linda, CA. My practice is devoted to the treatment of challenging skin conditions that have resisted correction, as well as treatments to maintain and improve healthy skin.

I am a credentialed provider of oncology skin care for those with, or recovering from cancer. In addition, she is certified, at the state and national level, in reflexoloigy and is a recognized Usui Reiki master.

Esthetician to the Miss California Organization since 2014 providing services and products to the year’s Miss California helping her gain and maintain a healthy glow.

This year I won 2nd place in hyperpigmentation category of The Skin Games, an annual international competition among estheticians. In 2016 I was finalist in the Acne/Problematic Skin category.

Jackie C.. on StyleSeat ` Facial was sooo pain relieving! I store pain in my face, neck, arms and hands; and, Tamara’s facials make my skin glow so that I do not need make up and relieve my pain !! Thank you Tamara!

I grew up in Los Angeles and hold an MBA in finance and marketing. I worked many years in the corporate environment before becoming an esthetician in 2002.

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