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Good Home Care Products Can Help Teen Acne

It’s a BAD time to be picking at your face! Let Tamara’s Skin Care help clear your teen before they’re cleared for school. With so many temporary over-the-counter products & online trends, you should consider a professional (award-winning 😊) esthetician. Tamara can get deep within the skin for long-lasting results! Let’s set up a LIVE Online Consultation & start your teen on their new skin journey. #QueenOfSkin #AcneBeGone #ClearSkinNow #DeliveryAvailable #PickupAvailable #GetWithThePro #TamarasSkinCare @ Yorba Linda, California

Your Beauty Is Essential

Your beauty is essential and your self-care is a priority. At Tamara’s, we are now offering Live Online Consultations. We would love to see you, listen to you and guide you through your problematic skin concerns. Every skin condition or concern is different, so that means you will get your own customized home care regimen of products. Real results come from real professionals. Message or Call 714-470-2329. #StillHereForYou #TamarasSkinCare #OnlineConsultations #LetsChat #Selfcare #HomeCare #WeGotThis #InThisTogether @ Yorba Linda, California

Your self care is a priority

Curb Side Delivery

Tamara can be in your home, with just a few taps! Maybe you’re running low on skin care products or you don’t think your current products are giving you the results you seek. Tamara can take care of that worry so you don’t cause more blemishes. Give the Queen a call or text so she can get you what you need! Safe Delivery & Clean Curbside Pickup is available at Tamara’s Skin Care!

Healthy Skin Routine

Better Skin Health Through Accurate Skin Analysis, Targeted Treatments And Home Care Regimens

Detailed skin analysis coupled with Tamara’s training and expertise creates spot on clinical treatments

Article by Tamara Petrucci LE

Photography by Think, Create and Connect

Originally published in Yorba Linda Lifestyle  

The end of the day has come and you begin your retreat to restoration and sleep. You’ve got creams, serums and more waiting for you, but will they really make the improvements in your skin that they promise? You won’t know unless you really understand what lies beneath.

We cannot measure progress without knowing what the starting point is. One of the most overlooked services that licensed estheticians can provide is a comprehensive skin analysis. From cleanser to night cream, the skincare market is saturated with products that can correct and improve many things, and, leaving many of us underwhelmed and overspending. Tamara’s Skin Care Clinic in Yorba Linda utilizes skin analysis tools, like the Observ® Skin Diagnostic Device, to accurately diagnose skin type, structure and function as well as seeing skin anomalies under the surface, hiding in deeper layers. This light dispersion technology helps the trained esthetician to read skin fluorescence while its polarized light illumination technology reveals skin concerns beyond what the naked eye can see. Once issues can be “seen” with technology and a trained eye, Tamara can guide you into a skin care routine that successfully works for you.

Detailed skin analysis coupled with training and expertise reveals the skin’s sebum production, hydration, inflammation, collagen and elastin production and pigmentation making skin care recommendations for day and night routines on point! Start your journey beneath the skin and schedule your detailed skin analysis with Tamara’s Skin Care Clinic.

Accurate and in-depth skin analysis and treatment progress monitoring.
Comprehensive skin analysis yields targeted in clinic treatments.
Targeted home care products designed to meet your skin health goals

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Meet Tamara Petrucci of Tamara’s Skin Care Clinic


Tamara Petrucci owner of Tamara’s Skin Care Clinic

Article by Tamara Petrucci

Photography by Think, Create and Connect

Originally published in Yorba Linda Lifestyle

How I got to skin is a winding road. All of those twists and turns have contributed to a deep understanding of the skin, particularly skin that is not functioning at its optimal level.

I’ve been a business owner from the beginning. It suits me well as an independent creative person. 20 years ago, when I started in this business there wasn’t a lot of problem solving or creative thinking, so I decided to go out on my own.

I like being flexible and offering options that are unusual in my industry. My newest service is a Virtual Skin Analysis through Zoom or FaceTime. You complete an electronic intake form, send me good photos of you (no makeup/no filters) and the products and medications you are currently using. We will talk in depth about you and your skin. I will answer your questions and solve your concerns. There will be suggestions about how you might do things differently to get a better result for your skin. Then I will create a customized home skin care routine that will be delivered to you.

Skin care expert Q & A:

What are your favorite types of skin to treat? 

That skin belongs to the person who has been everywhere and tried everything. They “know I cannot help their skin – but just in case.” For me, the challenge, mystery, and possibility to help someone feel better about themselves – that is the best skin to come through my door. That person will walk out with hope and on their way to fresh, healthy and vibrant skin.

What is your best foolproof self-care move?

Get plenty of sleep.

Do you have to get facials for good skin?

Many times, good skin care products from a licensed skin care professional is all you need. This is certainly part of the discussion in a good and thorough consultation and skin analysis.

What is a top skin care myth?

If you get injectables, fillers, or plastic surgery you don’t need skin care.

What is your best skin care advice?

Keep it clean, keep it hydrated, and keep it protected. Repeat twice a day.

What’s the one skin care move you won’t skip?

Cleansing my skin in the evening.

Home Care Products to Your Home

Let me know what you need🥰. Just because you can’t come for a treatment, doesn’t mean you have to go without a great home regimen ❤️! Give me a call or send me a message, let’s see how your skin is doing, we can gladly arrange a home-care product drop-off or delivery. #TamarasSkinCare #IGotTheGoods #DeliveryOnDemand

Let’s Virtually Talk About Your Skin

Tamara’s Skin Care is ONLINE! If you’ve been following the morning walks with Tamara on her stories (catch-up on her instagram highlight), get ready for some one-on-one time to get more deets on your home skin care routine! Right now, you can visit for a *20% off Gift Certificate, now until April 18th! We are all in this together & together we will make healthier choices. Chat with you soon! #TamarasSkinCare #LoveYourSkin #HomeCare #StillHere #ProductDeliveryAvailable

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