Happy Memorial Day

🇺🇸Happy Memorial Day! I see your orders & they’re coming in HOT! Keep your skin safe with home care products from Tamara’s Skin Care. You are only a few clicks away from a consultation, so take the time today & love your skin! #QueenIsHere #YorbaLindasBest #FavoriteEsthetician #DeliveryAvailable #SafePickUp

Ready For You

Let’s get one thing straight…Tamara’s Skin Care is always READY & the spray down, the wipe down is always REAL! Before & After’s are the Queen’s forte & you’re in for a TREATment for the big comeback! #ListenWhileWeWork #TamarasSkinCare #QueenOfSkin #YorbaLindasBest #SaferWithTamara

Skin Getting Dry?

Is your skin becoming dry, itchy & perhaps dull looking? Are your fine lines becoming more noticeable? If answering YES to either of those…then YES, your skin is dehydrated – BUT relatively easy to treat with the right regimen by the Queen of Skin in Beautiful Yorba Linda, CA! Give Tamara’s Skin Care a ring or ding notification & let’s set up that LIVE ONLINE consultation sooner rather than later! #TamarasSkinCare #DeliverAvailable #NoContactPickUp #LoveYourSkin #CaliforniaWeather #Dermaviduals

Safe Pickup

Your safety is my first concern

👋🏻Hey there, Queen here! I might not be able to answer the door, but rest assure, your product will be safe & waiting for you to pick up; while I… will be safe inside, waiting for my pick up! 😷Thank you for always choosing Tamara’s Skin Care for your skin 💫glowing journey! #DeliveryAvailable #HelloGoodbye #SafePickup #SafeAtHome #SkinCare #HomeCare

Good Home Care Products Can Help Teen Acne

It’s a BAD time to be picking at your face! Let Tamara’s Skin Care help clear your teen before they’re cleared for school. With so many temporary over-the-counter products & online trends, you should consider a professional (award-winning 😊) esthetician. Tamara can get deep within the skin for long-lasting results! Let’s set up a LIVE Online Consultation & start your teen on their new skin journey. #QueenOfSkin #AcneBeGone #ClearSkinNow #DeliveryAvailable #PickupAvailable #GetWithThePro #TamarasSkinCare @ Yorba Linda, California

Your Beauty Is Essential

Your beauty is essential and your self-care is a priority. At Tamara’s, we are now offering Live Online Consultations. We would love to see you, listen to you and guide you through your problematic skin concerns. Every skin condition or concern is different, so that means you will get your own customized home care regimen of products. Real results come from real professionals. Message or Call 714-470-2329. #StillHereForYou #TamarasSkinCare #OnlineConsultations #LetsChat #Selfcare #HomeCare #WeGotThis #InThisTogether @ Yorba Linda, California

Your self care is a priority

Curb Side Delivery

Tamara can be in your home, with just a few taps! Maybe you’re running low on skin care products or you don’t think your current products are giving you the results you seek. Tamara can take care of that worry so you don’t cause more blemishes. Give the Queen a call or text so she can get you what you need! Safe Delivery & Clean Curbside Pickup is available at Tamara’s Skin Care!