Cystic Teen Acne Resolution

See for yourself

Another wonderful Clear Skin Journey to share with great results at Tamara’s Skin Care. Acne can be one of the most challenging problematic skin conditions to deal with, you need a professional who not only knows skin…but will know YOUR SKIN and what will be the best way to help you get rid of it. Book an Appointment

SPF For Oily Skin

creme Citrique.jpgSunny days ahead on the forecast, you will need UVA and UVB protection. This product is formulated to do just that and some! Crème Citrique brightens, lightens and tones the skin. Not only will it normalize oily skin, but it can provide super hydration. This citrus sensation can be found on the shelf at Tamara’s Skin Care. You can book your appointment here #TamarasSkinCare #DMKrrpm #DMKskin #SkinJourney #OnMyShelf#YorbaLinda

Act In Advance

LEVEL 5 Instant Lift with Advanced Exfoliation.jpg

Happy face, healthy skin with a LEVEL 5 Instant Lift with Advance Exfoliation.

Want to preserve your looks? Are you in your 30s or 40s? Are you beginning to show signs of aging?

This treatment is suitable for both men & women who want a highly effective age management treatment that will prevent the signs of aging from manifesting rapidly.

This Muscle Banding program not only lifts & firms the skin; it restores optimal skin function which is the key to healthy firm skin.

Act in advance to prevent the effects of aging. Book your appointment here