Hanna E . . . . . .on Yelp”I had my first appointment today and the reviews don’t lie!! Tamara is super sweet and honest! The environment is really great and the location is perfect! I went in today with a super dry face and I left hydrated I can’t wait to see how my skin will improve with Tamara! Already booked my 2nd appointment so excited! Thanks for being cool Tamara!”

 Krista M . . . . on Yelp”Tamara is perfect! She had a session with my teenage daughter- one tough customer. 🙂 she did a beautiful eyebrow shaping and gave her a facial that really did miracles for a few rough patches she had on her skin. Her skin was glowing! I highly recommend Tamara to anyone who wants talented, thoughtful ,professional skin care treatment.

Mark B…. on Yelp”Ever want to get a gift for a lady? Mom, girlfriend, sister, cousin, business associate, customer, whatever? Women love facials. I have no idea why, but if you get them a gift of a facial from Tamara, they thank you and love you for getting it for them. Better to get such a gift from an actual real person too. Tamara is a quality individual and a business owner who cares about her clients. She is not a corporation. Service will be personalized and every one of my friends and relatives I have sent to Tamara not only are happy, but go back to her on their own. Try it out! Giving really works when you give quality like this.

Cindy M… on Yelp”Absolutely love Tamara, her studio and services. Her studio is a hidden gem in Yorba Linda. She not only makes you feel welcome and relaxed, but from the minute you walk into her studio to the time you leave you feel like you’ve know here forever. Her services are also amazing as she customizes everything to fit your skin type and concerns. I highly recommend Tamara

Brigette V… on StyleSeat”Loved my first appointment with Tamara! She made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in. I highly recommend her!

Denise N… on StyleSeat”I love Tamara Petrucci! Definitely book your next appointment here! Tamara not only is a beautiful person inside and out, she also has the most amazing touch and her knowledge of skin is outstanding. I completely trust her with my own wellbeing

Cindy M… on StyleSeat”Had a wonderful facial and derm from Tamara on Saturday. Walked out relaxed and glowing. Perfect combination. Thanks Tamara

Nancy F… on StyleSeat”I love Tamara Petrucci! Definitely book your next facial appointment here! Tamara is very skilled, knowledgeable and the facial, Reiki and reflexology sessions are always relaxing, rejuvenating and you will see a new revived you!

Billie A… on Stik”Imagine a small notion of bliss, perhaps sticking your toes in the warm sand, the peace & tranquility of the ocean waves in front of you, with cheeks raised to be kissed adoringly by the sun. That for me is one of my favorite things in the world to enjoy & when I think of Tamara that is the feeling I have. She is a truly gifted at her craft, her hands are magic, from reflexology, baby reiki, facials, & brows (all my services, she offers a wide array of treatments, depending on your needs). When leaving her graces you will feel like a new woman. Refreshed, Relaxed, Rejuvenated. The three R’s to make for a happy me. Yes, I think I must go schedule an appointment with her right now. And you should to, it’s quite easy to do through her Styleseat. Tamara is very accommodating with her schedule according to her clients time. You will feel like you are at home with her, except that peace &; serenity will consume you, forgetting about your daily tasks for an hour or two. When she is all done with you, not only will you have amazing skin, an overall sense of well being, you will indeed leave with a wonderful friend in Tamara. I highly recommend Tamara for all your skincare needs, she is AMAZING.”

Steve A.. on Stik”Tamara is a very smart and classy business owner who keeps up with the latest trends in her industry and cares about delivering a quality service. She is reliable and talented and values relationships. Could not recommend anyone with more enthusiasm!”.

Amberlee C.. on Stik”Tamara has a wonderful manner & you can relax almost immediately. She is extremely knowledgable on what your individual needs are by just working with your skin. I highly recommend her.”

Rosemary B.. on Stik”Tamara’s facials are very good because she teaches you about skin care and how is the best way to take care of your skin at home. I learned a lot from her while she was giving me a facial. I loved the Oxygen Treatment because it helped to kill the bacteria that was causing breakouts. You definitely want to add on a Reiki treatment from her as well. You can really feel the energy as it is entering into your body. She’s not just an Esthetician. She has a lot more to offer you which is why you should go see her.

Brenda B.. on Stik”Tamara is fabulous. She came highly recommended by my dermetologiest.

After monthly treatments my skin was flawless and everyone thought I was 8 – 10 yrs younger.

Love you Tamara – and I really hate that you won’t come to Denver and give me my monthly facials.