Miss Yorba Linda’s First Facial

Miss Yorba Linda's First Facial.jpgAnother skin journey begins with Miss Yorba Linda as she prepares for Miss California 2017. The importance of skin rejuvenation and professional skin care is truly a big part of bringing out the glow in these lovely ladies. Here we see Miss Yorba Linda experiencing her first enzyme therapy at Tamara’s Skin Care. Check out the plasmatic effect which means her skin is awake and ready to function. 

Keratosis Pilaris Can Be Resolved

The journey with Miss California 2016 began by treating her Keratosis Pilaris, those small hard bumps that are very common in the upper arm area. At Tamara’s Skin Care we have body treatments available that will help with such skin conditions. Have a look at tamarasskincare.com for an overview on the services that are available and book your appointment today. 17834084_1572156176145466_5500720654141416410_o.jpg

Washing The Face

faceThere’s more to cleansing your face than you perhaps thought. Here’s some do’s and don’ts:


Remove makeup before cleansing. My preferred method is to 1. rinse with tepid water, tissue off. 2. Apply a facial cleanser dry and work it around thoroughly, rinse off. 3. Second application of facial cleanser, work around thoroughly, rinse, pat dry. Makeup on your towel – you’re not clean!


Don’t use bar soap. It’s too alkaline to use on acid based skin. Bar soap will dry and inflame the skin.

Don’t use cleansing sheets that contain alcohol.

Tips for Radiant Winter Skin

winter skinWinter is here. Time to pack away your shorts, flip-flops and bathing suits and make room for oversized jackets, boots and lip balm—lots and lots of lip balm. That dry crisp winter air can leave your skin feeling chapped, dehydrated and flaky—an annoying side effect of an otherwise nostalgically joyful season. But never fear, here is a list of dos and don’ts that will leave your skin looking radiant this winter season.


Drink a lot of water. Your skin is your largest organ, and just like any other organ in your body, the cells are made up of water. When you are not getting enough water, your skin will become dehydrated, because the water you do drink travels to all other organs first before it even reaches your skin. So drink up!

Choose the right cleanser. Washing your face twice daily with a good moisturizing cleanser will prevent your skin from drying out. At Tamara’s Skin Care we carry Image Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser because incorporates nourishing anti-oxidants and Vitamin C to gently clean, repair and sooth.

Moisturize daily. Apply an SPF moisturizer in the morning and a hydrating crème before you go to bed. At Tamara’s, we carry Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme, Prevention + Daily Hydrating Moisturizer with SPF 30+ as well as Image Body Spa Rejuvenating Body Lotion. These are a well-balanced trio to keep not just your face, but entire body looking radiant.

Use a humidifier. The drastic change from dry heat used to warm your home, and the cold outside air, will cause your skin to dry out faster. Using a humidifier will allow you to stay warm and retain your skin’s moisture.


Take hot showers. Even though a long relaxing shower seems like the best idea on a cold day, your skin will not thank you for it. Your body produces a thin layer of oil to protect the skin and help retain moisture. The hot water causes that oil barrier to soften, allowing moisture to escape, and leaving your skin vulnerable to harsh environmental elements.

Use bar soap. As mentioned above, the skin is covered in a thin layer of oil, and bar soap will only strip the barrier leaving your skin irritated and dry. Instead of bar soap, use a body cleanser designed to gently exfoliate and moisturize such as the Image Body Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub.

Rub your skin dry. When you get out of the shower, gently pat your skin with a towel. Rubbing will only cause irritation or exasperate other skin conditions such as eczema.

Collagen: What Is It?

exfoliate for bright skinCollagen is a basic, non-water soluble protein strand made up of a number of amino acids. Twenty-five types are found in the body to provide form, firmness and strength to cartilage, connective tissue and organs, but what Collagen is best for is its primary role in maintaining hydration and elasticity of the skin. Collagen, along with Elastin, is what gives your complexion its texture and structure.
As an ingredient in skincare products, Collagen is derived from one of two places: animal connective tissue or marine life.
What products with collagen do:
  • Helps skin retain natural  levels of hydration;
  • Protects skin against moisture loss;
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth  and supple;
  • Boosts firmness of complexion;
  • Helps tone and lift sagging skin; and
  • Helps improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Collagen is the building block for maintaining youthful-looking skin. As we age, Collagen breaks down and production decreases, causing skin to sag and wrinkle. This is where Collagen-packed creams and serums come in. A water-binding capability allows Collagen to help the skin retain natural levels of hydration and in doing so, protects skin against moisture loss. By keeping the skin hydrated, it restores a youthful plumpness that helps lift and brighten the complexion, leaving the skin supple and smooth.
Furthermore, Collagen is gentle and non-irritating, making it perfect for dry, sensitive and aging skin types that crave Collagen in their anti-aging products.
Article courtesy of Mario Badescu

How Oxygen Can Get You the Hollywood Glow for Holiday Parties

Posted on December 4, 2014 by Image Skin Care

IMG_7638 - CopyWhen a celebrity steps out onto the red carpet we expect a flawless appearance, high fashion, a well-toned physique and a glowing, seemingly never aging, complexion. After all, behind every A-List celebrity is a team of stylists working together to achieve what looks effortlessly beautiful. But most people can’t afford their own glam squad (wouldn’t that be nice though!). However, it is possible to achieve that Hollywood glow on your own, and have your skin looking radiant for your next holiday party.

What is this Hollywood secret? It’s simple: a single element that surrounds you daily—oxygen. When oxygen is applied topically, it immediately plumps, hydrates and firms your skin, giving you that healthy, youthful, glow. Oxygen-infused skin treatment will reduce the signs of aging by supplying the skin with nourishing vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that strengthen the collagen. It also kills bacteria and softens fine lines, giving a smoother skin tone, which allows for easier makeup application.

You may be wondering why you still have unwelcome fine lines, wrinkles and a dull complexion when you are surrounded by oxygen. But the truth is, you aren’t. The air we breathe, depending on where you live, is made up of Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, argon, neon and other gases, while only about 18% is actual oxygen. This is why many of Hollywood’s biggest stars rely on oxygen facials to get all the benefits of oxygen propelled directly into their skin, without the pore-clogging environmental elements along with it.

Now, what exactly is an oxygen facial? Our O2 Lift is a professional treatment given by an esthetician. The treatment starts with a milk cleanser that gently and effectively cleanses, removing all surface impurities and restoring the skin’s pH balance. Next, an enzymatic peel formulated to digest dead skin cells, soothing botanicals, powerful antioxidants and lighteners is massaged onto the skin. Afterwards, the oxygenating masque is applied. This masque is designed to work in just minutes, and improves circulation, eliminates toxins and is packed with powerful antioxidants to hinder aging and a potent lightening blend that reduces pigmentation and illuminates the skin. The plant-derived skin cell facial enhancer is then applied. This powerful serum will hydrate and extend cell life while correcting uneven skin tones. The facial is topped off with an SPF 30 moisturizer to preserve that healthy glow while protecting against further damage.

Once finished, your skin will look healthier, firmer and more radiant—giving you that “Hollywood glow” for any upcoming holiday parties.