Miss California Loves Tamara’s Skin Care

Such satisfaction when you hear words like this:
“Tamara is not only sweet, fun & enjoyable to be around, but she just happens to be the BEST esthetician around! I am Miss California 2016 and starting working with Tamara my first week on the job. As Miss California, I am kept busy with a jam packed schedule. Days can be very exhausting and I find myself lacking sleep, therefore say hello to dark circles and puffy eyes! Tamara and the help of the DMK products she uses, makes sure that I am always looking fresh and ready to conquer the day. In my preparation for Miss America, Tamara is making my skin looking the best it has EVER been!! I cannot wait to show America how my skin glows because of Tamara’s work. I LOVE Tamara! She can conquer any skin concern you have, or she can help you radiate confidence and have the perfect glow 🙂

I highly recommend Tamara’s skin care services!” – Jessa Carmack.
Stay tuned to Tamara’s Skin Care as we will share the journey with Miss California 2016.

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An Esthetician Can Lead You To Proper Products

Featured Image -- 220After a facial, the skin appears fresh and clean. It has been cleared of clogged pores and dead skin cells, skin pigmentations have been buffed and diminished, and dehydrated skin has been rehydrated.

But facials and skin-rejuvenating treatments aren’t the only services your skin care specialist can offer. She also can guide you through the maze of “beauty” gimmicks and trends in an attempt to create manageable skin care goals you can easily continue at home.

Your diet, water consumption, daily oil production, and long- and short-term goals help skin care specialists (also known as estheticians) formulate your home skin care regimes. “To get better skin, you have to choose better products, and you need the help of a professional more and more,” says Dennis Gross, a New York dermatologist. “It’s a quandary. My clients are smart, intellectual people, and they were clueless about which skin care line to use.” 

And it’s no wonder. Some promises are difficult to discern from truths. 

Antioxidants, fatty acids, and bioflavenoids improve the skin from the inside out by bolstering cellular membranes and producing clear, glowing skin, professionals say. Minerals and vitamins A, C, and E affect the connective tissues of the skin, which translates to overall health and the minimization of pores. For those who do not eat vitamin-rich foods, some companies make supplements to address a variety of needs from moisture and antioxidant replenishment to acne. 

There is a lot of information and knowledge an esthetician can offer when it comes to healthy and logical skin care.
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