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So we meet again…virtually! Let’s not sleep on our skin goals. Tamara’s Skin Care has the At-Home-Kit your skin needs to avoid stressful blemishes or irritations. Keep that glow going no matter the current delays in life; you got this!
📸: Molly Crawford & her baby practicing great home care instructions.

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Welcoming You Back

Well, Hello There! Oooh how much the Queen has missed her royal beauties. Word on the street, our day to re-opening is right around the corner & Tamara’s Skin Care has you covered…literally! Thank you all so much for sticking around & waiting for that royal glow again! Book your time at TamarasSkinCare.com! #NewSkinJourney

Proper Use of Face Coverings

During this time we should be trying our best to avoid further germs entering our immune system by making sure to keep our hands washed & have proper covering.

When it comes to all of these types of face coverings, make sure your hands are washed/sanitized, prior to placing one on. Position your mask to fully cover your nose. Snug-fit masks should not restrict your breathing.

It’s so important to practice good hygiene before and after the use of face coverings. PLEASE CONTACT Tamara if you are experiencing “MASKNE”, these coverings are keeping us safe, but our skin may not like them much.

Pick-up For Your Skin

Everyone can use a daily pick-me-up right now. Either it be a delicious cup of coffee or maybe a new trendy outfit. Tamara’s Skin Care has a MORNING & NIGHT pick-me-up custom made just for YOU! It’s time to clean out those shelves & pick-you-up a new skin care regimen to get ready for that summer glow! #QueenIsHere #TamarasSkinCare #CleanUp #PickMeUps

Maskne and Other Face Covering Skin Irritations

The general population are now wearing face coverings to protect other people from what they exhale. As it goes, I’ll protect you from me and you’ll protect me from you. You may be discovering that in addition to safety, wearing a face covering may be creating some less than desirable side effects to your skin.

The exhaled breath contains nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, water vapor and bacteria. Without a face covering these all expel into the air. With a face covering they sit on the skin. Added to that is the natural oil and sweat on the skin. A face covering will also create a bit of heat. Additionally, a face covering may create friction on the face. That friction as well as the accumulation of moisture and bacteria under the mask can lead to skin irritations, rashes, dermatitis and acne breakouts. Healthcare workers, because of the tightness of the N95 mask, can also experience a breakdown of the skin and bruising 

For our own protection and the protection of others we must continue to wear face coverings in public settings there are ways to protect the skin and prevent irritations. Here are some things that you can do to minimize the irritations:

  • For your face covering avoid synthetic materials opt for soft tightly woven natural cotton or hemp. 
  • Cleanse the skin with a gentle cleanser both before and after prolonged wearing of a face covering. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands before washing your face.
  • Hydrate after cleansing.
  • Use skin products with anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • This is not the time for harsh cleansers, exfoliators, retinols, resurfacers, or peels. Face coverings could produce more dryness, inflammation and irritation.
  • You still need your daily SPF30 every day.
  • In areas where the covering may rub wear a barrier cream.
  • Cover any open wounds to minimize further irritation and risk of infection.
  • Leave the face clean and hydrated without makeup. Let the skin breathe. I predict that eyes and brows are going to be all the rage.
  • Remove and dispose of paper face coverings properly in the trash. These are made for single use to not contaminate your face.
  • Launder cloth face coverings after each use or at least at the end of the day. They should be laundered in hot water and thoroughly rinsed. Do not use fabric softener which can be an irritant to the skin.

At the end of the day, if you have developed skin problems the best solution is to have a teleconference with a licensed esthetician who can offer you specific solutions and an effective routine for your skin.

Healthy Skin Routine

Better Skin Health Through Accurate Skin Analysis, Targeted Treatments And Home Care Regimens

Detailed skin analysis coupled with Tamara’s training and expertise creates spot on clinical treatments

Article by Tamara Petrucci LE

Photography by Think, Create and Connect

Originally published in Yorba Linda Lifestyle  

The end of the day has come and you begin your retreat to restoration and sleep. You’ve got creams, serums and more waiting for you, but will they really make the improvements in your skin that they promise? You won’t know unless you really understand what lies beneath.

We cannot measure progress without knowing what the starting point is. One of the most overlooked services that licensed estheticians can provide is a comprehensive skin analysis. From cleanser to night cream, the skincare market is saturated with products that can correct and improve many things, and, leaving many of us underwhelmed and overspending. Tamara’s Skin Care Clinic in Yorba Linda utilizes skin analysis tools, like the Observ® Skin Diagnostic Device, to accurately diagnose skin type, structure and function as well as seeing skin anomalies under the surface, hiding in deeper layers. This light dispersion technology helps the trained esthetician to read skin fluorescence while its polarized light illumination technology reveals skin concerns beyond what the naked eye can see. Once issues can be “seen” with technology and a trained eye, Tamara can guide you into a skin care routine that successfully works for you.

Detailed skin analysis coupled with training and expertise reveals the skin’s sebum production, hydration, inflammation, collagen and elastin production and pigmentation making skin care recommendations for day and night routines on point! Start your journey beneath the skin and schedule your detailed skin analysis with Tamara’s Skin Care Clinic.

Accurate and in-depth skin analysis and treatment progress monitoring.
Comprehensive skin analysis yields targeted in clinic treatments.
Targeted home care products designed to meet your skin health goals. 

Bruises Gone

Red Vein , H&MMiss California, Jillian Smith, uses DMK Red Vein Creme with DMK Herb & Mineral Spray to reduce bruising and small showing veins on her legs. She posts “All I can say is, “WOW!” Thank you so much to @tamarasskincare for this awesome product! I’ve been using it for a week, and I can already see the difference!” Now she’s runway and paparazzi ready.